Our Investment Strategy and Growth

We invest

in the commercial real estate, office, industry and housing segments.

Select, develop and manage a high quality real estate portfolio, with projects located in growing urban regions, which generate surplus value for shareholders. The commercial, office, industrial real estate and leased housing sectors represent a great investment opportunity, with high expectations of growth through the acquisition and development of a greater number and quality of opportunities.

The investment guidelines are:

  • • Focus on the generation of surplus value.
  • • Positioning in high growth cities.
  • • Solid corporate governance.
  • • Vertical integration of the value chain in the operation.
  • • Experienced internal management.

Strategic Axes

  • • Development and operation of buildings in fast-growing segments with unmet needs.
  • • Focused on the segment of commercial, office and mixed-use properties, without neglecting attractive opportunities in the industrial space and leased housing.
  • • Take advantage of the positioning we have in Mexico City.
  • • Support and grow through the extensive network of business relationships of our management team.
  • • Maximize our economies of scale through the proper management of our internal administrator.