Fibra Plus is supported by the experience of a selected group of real estate developers and brokers, as well as by a business model that vertically integrates a value chain that spans from the identification of concepts and locations of the real estate developments, to their operation, lease, and stabilization.

As a starting point, the Equity of the Trust is made by different assets and projects in a phase of development that are located in areas of the country with a large demographical and economic growth. Once these developments have been completed, operations to make the first openings possible will take place during the second half of 2018, considering the use of liquid assets from the Trust’s Equity in order to develop, operate, and stabilize projects and to, consequently, seize the capital gains from the initial assets.

“The Equity of the Trust is made
by different assets and projects”


To become the leader in the Mexican real estate market and to generate value through the best practices of real estate operations applied to the selection of development projects, to the reconfiguration of projects, and to the purchase of properties with great potential to generate income. This shall be achieved through well-defined strategies of investment in Assets with high development potential that allows a relationship of trust with the Holders to be achieved.


To become one of the main direct, opportune, and flexible doors into the world of investments in real estate, commercial, office, and mixed use developments for the investors. The goal is to reach, in a mid-term, an economic value of their Assets and of operational efficiency that allows its Holders to benefit in several ways.


One of the main features of Fibra Plus is its approach to real estate development for their future lease. This way, the biggest capital gain is pursued, from the purchase of the land to the occupation of the building. To make this process more efficient, Fibra Plus operates the Portfolio and carries out the investments through its administrator; so, the profit margins are bigger, as well as the benefits that the Holders obtain.


Fibra Plus has a corporate governance that complies with the best practices in the industry and an Initial Portfolio of nine projects in the commercial and office sectors. Furthermore, it has a solid relationship with the company Némesis Capital, which gives it access to proven opportunities and implementation capability.


The value proposition of Fibra Plus is based on the following pillars:

a. To be vertically integrated within the value chain
b. To focus on opportunities in order to generate the biggest output
c. To have a business network of companies that plan, develop, operate, stabilize, and commercialize rental properties
d. To have a capital structure focused on the optimization of resources and times to generate high value
e. To have different types of assets and regions
f. To have the capacity and experience to restructure Assets and to maximize their value

Investor Relations
+52 (55)  75 88 02 63

Investor Relations

Nadege Guinoiseau
+52 (55)  75 88 02 63