General View

Since the creation of the first Fibra a few years ago, these investment vehicles have shown a high dynamism in terms of growth. This is how Fibra Plus was constituted as a Fibra of development to offer greater returns to investors from their participation in real estate investments from the development process in the short and medium term to the capture the maximum capital gains in the long term.

In addition, the real estate market in Mexico is not fully exploited and there are various opportunities to continue growth in various segments, especially commercial and institutionalized rental housing. Fibra Plus estimates that this situation, coupled with favourable long-term macroeconomic trends and its presence in prime locations in the country present opportunities to develop new properties and to increase occupancy levels and rental rates in existing projects.

Supporting the above, our developments tend mostly to be mixed-use properties, which seek to increase traffic flow and take advantage of the synergies that arise when different types of property converge in the same location.

Actual Portfolio

Below is a table that summarizes information from the Portfolio as of December 31, 2017:

Portfolio in development and remodeling

Portfolio in Operation

Portfolio Diversification

Fibra Plus currently has a healthy diversification in its portfolio, both for the geographical location of its developments and for the segments in which it participates, not exceeding 50% in any of them. As of December 31, 2017, the projects with a focus on commercial development represented 41% of the ABR, offices 23%, industrial 22% and housing 14% (considering the contributions of projects of the Home Portfolio as of December 31, 2017).